Icecaps Metling in Greenland Expose New Mining Opportunities

NASA photos reveal that ice around the north pole has melted more than ever before in three decades of measurement. 27,000 square miles of ice have melted away in the last five years. Satellites have recorded a 13 percent decline in the icecap per decade since they began observing the ice.

Climate change and sea level increase

Greenland town gets access to minerals as ice melts from global warming

In the Greenland town of Narsaq the effects of global warming are being felt today. Narsaq was a fishing village, subsisting off shrimp that have migrated to colder waters than the Kayak Harbor. The shrimp factory that was the town’s largest employer has closed. In the last decade half of Narsaq’s population has left.

As the ice caps around Narsaq recede one of the earth’s biggest deposits of rare earth metals that are used to make cell phone and other electronics is becoming exposed to mining.

Scientists warn global warming is causing sea levels to rise

The arctic climate of Greenland is warming at a faster rate than many places in the world. In northern Greenland temperatures have risen by 4.5 degrees in the last 15 years. Scientist predict temperatures may rise by 14 to 21 degrees by 2100. The primary fear is that this uncontrolled increase in temperature will cause sea levels to rise.

Ice cores provide evidence of global warming

Ice cores prove global warming is real

The ice sheets of Greenland that are falling away also provided some of the most compelling evidence that global warming is real. By drilling out samples of Greenland’s ice caps scientists were able to show that temperatures are rising at a faster rate than they have for thousands of years.

Artic and Greenland ice cores show global warming

The ice cores in Greenland are like the rings on redwood trees. They can tell us facts about what climate conditions were like in the past. The ice sheets can accurately record what climate conditions were like for the last 110,000 years. Ice that was formed older than those samples has been disturbed by ice flow.

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