Proof of Global Warming

You’ve felt it haven’t you? The world is warming. This was the warmest spring in recorded U.S. history. The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) just released this news in a report covered by USA Today.

Proof of Global Warming - Warmest Spring Heats Up Economy

I saw the headline in a Starbucks newsstand in Lakeland this weekend. We had gone to mall and the parking lot was jam packed with SUV’s and trucks. There was literally a traffic jam just getting close to the mall.

Have any of these people read this news? Do any of them know what our cars are causing? The climate records go back to 1895. 31 states broke record warm temperatures from March to May. Last winter was the fourth-warmest winter in more than a century.

CO2 is Causing Temperatures to Go Higher Than Ever Before
Temperatures were also higher than they’ve ever been above their average for any season on record. According to the Federal Reserve the warm weather is good for the economy. It’s good for tourism, putting even more cars on the road. Restaurant and vehicle part sales went up big time.

Climate change causes warmest spring in more than a century

The jet stream is going farther north than usual. That’s accelerating the heating pattern even more. The NCDC predicts 75 percent of the United States, from the Southwest up to the Mid-Atlantic, will have summer temperatures above average.

Here’s more evidence the earth is getting warmer than it has ever been before. The changes in temperature are causing plant to bloom out of season and hazardous insects to go further north than they’ve ever been able to.

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