Moving to Downtown Orlando and Living Sustainably

Going Green and Downtown Orlando

Saving Energy and Living Green in Downtown Orlando

You can still make it in America, at least in 2012. Two years after I graduated I have a job. As a writer if you can believe it. I write for the consumer advocacy website at the plaza in Orlando. I have no doubt building my own website got me the position so to everyone still looking, an IT background is a big help on your resume.

My girlfriend Sarah works in the tower right across from me. We walk to work together. It’s very cute. Sarah has moved to a beautiful apartment downtown. The top picture is the view from her parking garage.

I can’t tell if her electrician was lazy or just an idiot but they put light switches behind doors, hidden behind corners and in different rooms than the lights they go to. There’s plenty of energy hogs in this apartment I like to shut off. I’m driving Sarah crazy.

Install Energy Saving Bulbs and Shut off your Lights to Save Electricity

But come on 10 lights on a vanity mirror? These lights are energy saver though. I’ve unscrewed six of them and I’m replacing other lights in the house with the extras.

My Personal Challenge – Making my New House Energy Efficient

I’ve also put a deposit on my own house in downtown. It’s in a great location but it was built in the 50’s. My roommate said the energy bill could go as high as $300. I was always taught to leave a place better than I found it. My first job when I move in, in July will be to do an energy audit of the house.

I have some information on where to find the problem areas. I also did a story on an energy auditor in Sanford so I may have a contact I can get a deal on consultation from. Insulation and weather stripping is probably the first thing I’ll have to patch up. Blog post to follow.

Saving Money on Gas by Walking To Work

I knew it was going to be expensive to live within walking distance of work but I also knew I owed it to the climate. I feel like a smoker quitting the habit. Before when I rode my bike to work it was like I was chewing gum. Now I’ve invested in a tobacco patch.

My place and Sarah’s are both minutes from our offices and a Publix food store at lake Eola. We are sustainable without any need to drive unless we’re going out of town.

Going Green walking to the Orlando Plaza

I’ve also just registered my moped. Once I get its side mirror fixed and the endorsement added to my driver’s license I’ll be able to take it on short trips when I really need to use gas. It may get as much as 90 miles per gallon. When I bought it I drove it from the Orlando airport and took it west completely across the city on one tank. The moped only holds a gallon.

With some discipline I think I’ll be able to break my car habit completely. I’ll be one less vehicle on the road. Sarah and I are lucky we live in Orlando where the city is designed compact enough that we can walk everywhere. I never would have been able to do this if I was still living in Jacksonville.

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