Biking to Work

Fossil fuel combustion from cars and power plants is by far the leading source of hazardous CO2 emissions that cause global warming.

Every year the typical car emits six tons of carbon dioxide. When you think about that number and multiply that by all the cars on the road you begin to see how we motorists create a big enough impact to dramatically change the atmosphere’s CO2 levels.

The steps to stopping our vehicle emissions:

  1. Reduce your driving to essential trips.
  2. Buy a cleaner vehicle such as a moped, a 40 mpg car, or better yet an electric car.
  3. Use your bike or the bus as much as practical.
  4. Convince others to do the same.
  5. Invest the money you’ve saved on gas in other renewable projects.

My last truck; the 2003 Ford Explorer, got 15 mpg and cost $3,850 in fuel costs over a year. The 2006 Kia Spectra I now have gets 25 mpg, which is nothing compared to 40 mpg like a lot of the new cars you see today. The Kia will cost $2,300 over a year. That’s a great savings, but it’s nothing compared to the Toyota Prius. It gets 50 mpg and costs $1,150 over a year. You might like your gas guzzler but an extra $2,000 a year wouldn’t be too bad would it?

You are less likely to sweat if you bike during the morning. That’s because just after sunrise is the coolest part of the day. The surface of the earth will heat up steadily from then on as the day progresses, until it hits the warmest part of the 24 hour cycle a little after sunset. At night the earth burns off its heat and cools again. You may get sweaty on your return trip from work but it’s nothing a shower can’t fix.

If you have a place near work to shower and you’re getting up at 6 a.m. to work out at the gym every day why not skip the gym and bike to work instead of driving? I know my proposition won’t work for everybody. All of our schedules and circumstances are different, but there are just as many creative ways to fit biking instead of driving into your daily routine.

Weaning yourself off the car is a lot like giving up processed sugar. For the first week you’ll have the shakes for some break and bakes but after a month of eating organic meals you’ll forget why it was ever an “essential” part of your life.

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