The Problem is People – Happy St. Patty’s Day

In honor of St. Pattrick’s Day I have diligently posted some green related material for everyone. Enjoy the matrix clip.

Ok Agent Smith makes his point pretty morosely, but I agree with what he’s saying. Now some of you believe as I believe. Some of you do not… For some of you reading this blog you may still have to be won over to what the super majority of scientists are saying about global warming. If you are skeptical I’d like to refer you to my first post where I lay out why you should turn toward alternative energies even if you don’t believe science.

The point I’m trying to talk about today will be uncomfortable, even for those of you who do believe in global warming. Let’s see the familiar graph of the increase in CO2, the culprit behind the trends of warming and sea ice reduction we are observing around the earth.

Now let’s look at this graph.

If you believe there is a correlation. You believe as I believe. It makes sense doesn’t it? Why is there an exponential growth in CO2? Because there is an exponential growth in human activity. There is more fuel being consumed. We as human beings may be victims of our own success. We are great at surviving, so much so that we are mindlessly multiplying into populations and industrial revolutions the earth cannot support.

For a long time scientists have wondered why we haven’t encountered radio waves from other intelligent life in the galaxy. Maybe they were victims of their own success as well. Maybe we are repeating a very old story. How are we going to feed more people than we’ve ever had to feed before? How is the earth going to survive this exponential climate change? The only solution to limits of the earth’s abundance I see is limiting the populaiton. I’m no propoenent of doing it the wrong way. That would be evil. I’m talking about doing it the responsible way. Limiting the children we bring into the world. There are thousands of orphan’s in the world. Is it not selfish of us to want our own children instead of adopting them? It is still entirely possible to limit populations while still having families.

Many people might dismiss my argument as silly. They will rationalize that their actions can’t possibly affect the entire world and countless generations to come. But that is what our actions our doing every day. Many of my friends are reaching the age where they will be ready to start a family. I hope they will consider my point before they proceed.

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  1. Lori Richards says:

    Emily is a beliver.

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