Time to Connect – See How Central Florida is Going Green

I have an exciting opportunity. A company called Thermogaurd has expressed interest in interviewing me for appointment based in-home sales. One of Thermogaurd’s products is a heat conductive coating which the company applies to HVAC systems. (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning). This coating increases the efficiency of the HVAC systems up to 40 percent, thereby reducing electricity consumption. That’s a significant savings. According to Commercial Energy Advisor HVAC operations account for more than 50 percent of the average office building’s energy consumption.

For a while I have been seeking to marry my passion for saving the planet with my work. This may be the opportunity that allows me to accomplish it.

In other news, I was driving behind a Prius the other day and getting very jealous. On its bumper was printed 100 MPG. The Prius was also adorned with various green logos and a very positive website I later visited: http://powerupgreenenergy.com/. This website is a great source for education and green initiative information. It describes how Orange County already committed to reduce petroleum consumption by 20 percent. The website also details how the city is preparing to establish an electric car infrastructure and where you can find events covering solar panel education in Orlando.

Just for fun I thought I’d also direct you to Peaceful Uprising. This site is more for the occupy Wall Street crowd. Their protest is focused on climate change so I think at least their heads are in the right place. I too think that a lot of our economic woes could be solved by developing green energy and biting the initial cost on installing it. They have a much more coherent message than what I’ve heard coming out of the occupy crowd, who seem to be venting frustration while offering no solutions. Or as Hamlet put it “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and furry, symbolizing nothing.”

If you have any additional suggestions of websites offering solutions to climate change please post them in the comments box. I’m riding my bike to work today so I’ve got to get going. 🙂

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