Solar Testimonial – Jack Tull

Sunshine State Solar Services LLC and JacksonvilleJack Tull is a Solar Services’ customer from last year who will be presenting at THE GALIMORE CENTER – 399 RIBERIA ST. in ST. AUGUSTINE. TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 7-8:30PM for the St. John’s Solar Co-operative.

Here is his description of his solar array.

Our Solar System:

34 Solar World 285 watt solar panels. Installed to feed power first to the home’s main electric panel and then to Florida Power & Light’s utility grid through a bidirectional meter.

Sunshine State Solar Services LLC CVC50713

Electric Production Data

Sunshine State Solar Services Jacksonville


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3 Solar Headlines Deserve Repeating

Jacksonville and Solar Panels cleaned by solar servicesThree Major Solar Headlines in the Last Year That Deserve Repeating

The hope that we could power our cities with electricity generated by the sun seemed like science fiction to many just a few years ago. But there have been three major headlines in the last year that prove it’s anything but.

Solar Services Solar Panels and JacksonvilleJacksonville Ranks 19th in the Nation for Cities with the Most Solar Installed
With more than 24 Megawatts of solar capacity already pumping power into the JEA grid and more systems going online daily from local contractors Jacksonville has joined the ranks of cities that earned an honorable mention in a report by Frontier Group and the Environment America Research and Policy Center released in April 2017.

Jacksonville has helped the country reach 42,000 megawatts of solar electricity capacity installed as of this year. That’s enough energy to power 8.3 million average U.S. homes and offset 52.3 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, the gas that traps heat in our atmosphere which causes global warming.
coal burning power plantJacksonville’s St. Johns River Power Park Coal Plant is Shutting Down

As Jacksonville residents we’re all familiar with the towering structure of the St. Johns River Power Park. Three years ago when people still talked about the threat of global warming as if it were a theory this structure seemed an immovable impasse to a new energy paradigm. Thanks to natural gas and solar its closure is at hand.

JEA CEO Paul McElroy has said the closure offers “significant environmental benefits.” Transitioning away from coal will reduce the utility’s carbon footprint by 30 percent and protect our waterways by reducing nitrogen flows to the St. Johns River.

Solar Employment Grew by more than 24% Last Year

Even though the rise of solar will displace fossil fuel jobs solar employment is outpacing that of the rest of the overall U.S. economy.

The U.S. solar industry employed 260,077 in 2016 according to a report released by The Solar Foundation. That’s almost a 25% increase in the number of jobs from 2015.

The increase corresponds to the massive number of new solar installations now coming online in the United States as consumer demand increases with falling prices in solar technology.

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Solar Services now Works with The City of Jacksonville

img_1267Here’s a photo of Solar Services cleaning the Jacksonville City Hall’s Solar Panels. We’re proud to serve the city and proud of how far our company has come since our inception. As part of our award to clean the City’s solar panels Solar Services will be performing cleanings on City Hall and several Fire Stations that have photovoltaic solar panels to generate electricity as well as solar thermal panels to generate heat for water at their facilities.

Jacksonville and Solar Panels cleaned by solar services

Cheaper – More Reliable Power with Solar

You can see the grime buildup on these solar panels our company recently cleaned at Fire Station 31 in Jacksonville. As part of our residential solar offerings this year Sunshine State Solar Services will be offering free cleanings for 3 years after a home owner’s solar is installed. Also Solar Services aims to provide cheaper and more reliable electricity than what you now get from your electric company. Our monthly solar bill will provide you the same power as your average electric use but for $10 to $20 cheaper than what you now pay your electric company. Also, standard with each of our systems home owners will receive limited back up power capability for when the grid goes down.

Will Richards Solar Services Solar Panels Jacksonville

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25 Solar installs in August 2016

best solar company in floridaOur solar company is pleased to announce a total of 25 major solar installations were accomplished by our company this August. These systems range from roof mounted systems to ground mount solar arrays. Solar Hot Water Heaters to Hybrid Water heater as well as solar pool heating systems.

best solar install company sell power backThe solar industry rapidly expanding in Florida. Our company is proud to be one of the installers with the expertise and reliability to meet the demand of customers requesting solar for their home. Today we have the resources to accomplish up to seven installs per week while delivering a quality installation to each of our customers.

solar in lake butlerBelieve it or not even though we are installing solar arrays at this pace I was pleased to find that we have another 18 installs already waiting for us going into September. We are about a month out for installation for jobs we contract on today, but this gives us the needed time to apply for permitting and provide a turn key service to our solar customers from initial paperwork to final inspection.

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Reason for Hope – Renewables

IMG_3341NASA data released in February confirmed  there is an ongoing and dramatic surge in our planet’s temperature. Temperatures in the northern hemisphere were 2.76 degrees warmer on average than they were from 1951 to 1980 of the same month. The arctic region was 5.36 degrees warmer than its 1951 to 1980 base line.

It’s likely these areas are the warmest they’ve ever been for the last thousand years.

Link to NASA article:

Doomsday Scenario – The Oceans

This is the scariest real possibility of global warming I can think of. It’s possible that warming water could cause ocean currents to slow. This would stifle oxygen saturation in the oceans which would be devastating to marine life. Ocean bacteria could proliferate in an oxygen depleted scenario. This could make the coastline air around the planet hazardous to human inhabitants. There would be mass displacement of people seeking a more favorable climate region.

Link to Wikipedia article:

Link to oxygen depletion consequences article:

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 3.58.34 PMIf even a fraction of the consequences of these warming trends NASA has observed are going to come true we must take dramatic and earnest action to avoid this future. If we do not avoid it we will likely not survive it. We got ourselves into this problem because we need electricity, we drive combustion engines, we love cows and we’re cutting down forest that’s responsible for our oxygen.

We can engineer ourselves out of this problem while keeping the things we love.


Solar Electricity – Now

Five million three hundred thirty four thousand kilotons. That’s how much CO2 we can stop putting into the atmosphere if we start getting our power from the sun. We have the technology and it is cheap there is simply no political will to do this. Because no one understands the danger of ignoring the problem.

You can have solar installed today through programs that require no cash outlay. You sign up for funding, receive it and pay a monthly bill on your solar that replaces your electric bill budget. It’s that easy and as you can see it’s basically cost neutral. In fact you will probably pay about $30.00 less on average per month owning solar.

If you want to find out more my number is 904 704 1578. Call me now I’m serious. Getting solar is so easy you would think our politicians would legislate building code to simply require all new construction to install solar. Please write our representatives as I have, to encourage them to introduce this ordinance.

This year we have already seen Germany reach 87% renewable energy utilization for its electric grid. A major milestone in proving that a 100% renewable powered country is possible.

In order to avert global warming you must add solar to power your property. You must switch to driving an electric vehicle as your primary mode of transportation. That’s it. If you made that decision today we as a country would cut our CO2 production by at least half of our five million three hundred thirty four thousand kilotons in 2013.

The United States and China are the top two CO2 emitting countries on the planet. What you do matters.


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Solar is at last Cheaper than Utility Bills

Latest Solar News for Jacksonville

2016 is the first year that the Florida Solar Home Program can offer home owners cheaper monthly bills to switch to solar than what they currently pay their utility. JEA has apparently noticed this and is moving to change their net metering policy on April 29th 2016.

Net metering is the contract between homeowners and electric companies that allows people who own solar to sell power they generate back to their electric company. Any JEA customers who apply to install solar before April 29th 2016 will be grandfathered in at the current net metering rate. Any JEA customers who install solar after this will only receive half as much value for the kwhs they send to JEA from their solar.

IMG_9790Myself and my fiance are racing to close on our home so that we can install a 20 panel solar array that will eliminate our bill at our new residence before the policy change. If you have any utility other than JEA you are safe. JEA can only make these changes because they are a “public utility.” Private utilities such as FPL, FPUC, Clay Electric, Beaches and Duke must continue to buy power back from solar customers at the true value of a kwh.

How is Solar Now Cheaper than Monthly Electric Bills?

My company has used a combination of government incentives and preferential financing to allow solar home owners to install solar arrays for no out of pocket cost. Simply sign up for solar and use a 12-year 2.99 financing to switch into a monthly payment on solar. I have lowered the price point on solar installs so that you can now finance a complete solar array to offset up to $250 to $300 worth of electricity on a monthly basis for a financing payment that is $20 to $30 less than what you now pay the electric company.

Benefits of Making the Switch to Solar

  1. No Out of Pocket Cost.
  2. Lower Monthly Bill that stays fixed with no inflation.
  3. Increased Property Value : $20,000 according to Forbes Magazine.
  4. Federal Income Tax Credit worth 30% of installation cost.
  5. Power output warranty on solar panels guarantees 80% efficiency at the end of a 25-year period. There is no mechanical maintenance required on solar panels.
  6. Once your solar panels are paid off you own them and you can stop paying a significant monthly expense for power.
  7. Solar reduces air pollution and is good for the environment.

IMG_9792Sunshine State Solar Services LLC and the Solar Home Program

Here is a link to our website. Please contact 904 704 1578 to learn how to qualify for the solar home program. If you are a JEA customer time is running out.

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Global Warming – Consequences and Solutions

I am seeking to draw attention to dangerous environmental hazards as more people release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in the coming years. Global Warming will have devastating impacts on Florida coasts if human causes are not curtailed.

RisingTempsThankfully I believe a majority of people now acknowledge humans are responsible for increasing global temperatures as a result of our CO2 emissions. NASA and NOAA confirm that the hottest years on record each occurred in the last ten years and that 2015, the year previous to this letter, was the hottest year since records began in the 1800s. CO2 levels are also higher than they have ever been in the last 600,000 years. The spike we are experiencing now began around 1950.

The consequences of Global Warming receive less press than the fact that temperatures are on a constant rise because of unchecked human activity but please let me share what the worst consequence will be.

KilamanjaroThe Gulf Stream is powered by a difference in water temperature called the Thermohaline Circulation which oxygenates the oceans through its steady current. A slowdown of this current in the Atlantic has already been detected and a significant slowdown, or complete shutdown of this current because of water temperature increase could lead to a collapse of plankton stocks which will create a chain reaction of mass extinction in the oceans. It may interest you that scientists also predict this slow down in ocean circulation will lead to increased storms and floods and El Nino, which are all happening now in January 2016 as this letter is being written.

While addressed but underrated in media coverage Global Warming is the most dangerous threat to our society and to our continued survival as a species we have ever faced. I do not wish to sound hyperbolic but straight talking is necessary to inspire the appropriate action to deal with this threat.

GlobalWarmingTo stabilize temperatures we must take action to reduce CO2 emissions. Residential and commercial buildings account for 72% of all electric use in the United States. Electricity generation in turn accounts for 31% of United States’ man-made emissions.

Germany now generates more than 27% of its electricity consumption from renewable sources. The Renewable Energy bill that has encouraged this rapid transition in Germany is known as the Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (EEG). The bill establishes gauranteed feed-in tariffs and utility connection requirements to renewable generation sites: (solar electric panels, wind, biomass, geothermal and hydro-power etc.). The bill also gives renewable generators a preferable electric rate. Feed-in tariffs decrease on a schedule to assert cost pressure on renewable generators for higher efficiency over time.

We must also mandate builders to conform to a policy like the International Energy Construction Code to ensure that new construction will consume as little energy as possible to further reduce emissions.

American Solar Jacksonville FloridaWill you write your state and city representatives to establish these laws? Their emails can be found on city, state and congressional websites. Ignoring Global Warming for a decade has already lead to negative trends around the world. If we do not take bold and decisive action now to reduce our CO2 emissions the result will be global catastrophe, mass extinction and societal instability. This will occur in the near future. We will certainly lose our standard of living and many of us will not survive the irreversible environmental consequences of this threat.


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